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10 good reasons why Eagle Export Cargo is your No.1 choice.

1. Over 12 years of shipping experience.

2. Flexible, intelligent and creative logistic solutions.

3. Excellent written and spoken English skills.

4. A professional attitude, always.

5. Conveniently located offices in the heart of Kathmandu.

6. 24 hour telephone support.

7. Close working relationship with international brands.

8. Emphasis on customer satisfaction, from start to finish.

9. An international reputation for perfection.

10. Polite and courteous staff to assist you, every step of the way.

Our mission statement is simple:

We aim to please every customer no matter how challenging the circumstances. Always with the very highest level of efficiency, we will quite simply, get your goods to their destination with the minimum fuss, hassle and stress for everybody involved.

Our staff are consummate, caring professionals who pride themselves on their product knowledge and ability to solve any logistical problems your shipment may encounter en route.

Our customer focused ethos comes from years of working in the freight forwarding industry, and developing relationships with all parties involved in the complex, and sometimes daunting environment, of worldwide freight and cargo movement.

Thank you for choosing Eagle Export Cargo, we’ll get it there, no problem!


Suraj Dhakal. M.D.