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Our expertise is in the handling and shipping of all types of motorcycles. We are THE professional bike shipping agency in Nepal. We strive to provide the very best and most cost effective solutions. Simplifying the logistics involved in getting YOUR bike safely and quickly to the chosen destination, be it anywhere in the world. Have a


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Air Freights are the fastest and most reliable freight forwarding services. Air Freights is usually done in case of urgent requirements. It is also preferred when the sea freights become too uneconomical when the freight is small in weight. Eagle export courier and cargo . connects directly with airlines to provide the most affordable rates


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yet again, Nepal’s landlocked-ness creates a considerable hindrance in the transportation of goods apart from neighboring countries like India and China. However, the dual air and sea freight come to save the day for most businesses in Nepal. Eagle export couriers and cargo .comes in contact with Singapore and Bangkok to book your cargos, the