The fiscal year 2021/22 saw Nepal’s largest imports and exports in terms of dollar value, according to the Department of Customs. In the fiscal year 2078/79 BS (2021/22), Nepal imported goods from 164 countries. 1.92 trillion rupees worth of goods were imported into Nepal in the recently ended fiscal year. Here are the top 10 imports by value for the fiscal year 2021–2022, as reported by the Department of Customs.

*The Department of Customs and The Research of the Everest list were used to rank the data.

1. Liquidified Petrolium Gas

Nepal imports 50,000 tons of cooking gas each month. The majority of the increase in gas usage was attributable to residential use, with a small increase in industrial usage. LPG was bought by Nepal for Rs. 15,27,39,84,446.12 during the fiscal year 2021/22. 210 gas bullets allegedly enter Nepal at various border crossings, according to the authorities.

2. Milled Rice

Despite the fact that 42.5% of the country’s GDP was made up of agricultural products, Nepal still depends on imports to maintain its food supply. $125 million worth of whole or semi-milled rice was imported by Nepal totaling Rs. 15.7 Arba. India is credited with exporting the most rice (semi-milled/wholly milled) in 2020, with exports totaling $7.53 billion, followed by Thailand with $3.34 billion. Saudi Arabia and the United States were the top importers, each spending $1.35 billion on imports.

3. Gold, semi-manufactured forms

With a trade value of $78.1 billion, semi-manufactured gold, or gold in non-monetary forms, ranked as the 18th most traded good in 2020. With $13.5 billion in semi-manufactured gold exports, Australia had the highest export value, while the UK had the highest import value at $25.4 billion. Jewelry, gold bullion, gold bars, and gold coins are all produced using semi-manufactured gold. A total of Rs. 16.6 Arab worth of semi-manufactured gold was imported by Nepal. The product’s HS (Harmonized System) Code, also known as its commodity code, is 710813.

4. Flat rolled product of iron of a thickness less than 3mm

Flat sheets of iron are essential for construction in developing nations like Nepal. The top exporters of flat-rolled iron with a thickness of less than 3 mm in 2020 were China ($38.5 million) and Russia ($67.9 million). France and Germany were the top importers, each bringing in $67.5 million and $34.2 million, respectively. As the pandemic ended in 2021, imports and exports skyrocketed because Nepal had brought in a whopping Rs. 16.7 Arba ($161 million) worth of flat rolled iron.

5. Coal

Coal, which is frequently used as fuel in brick kilns, is the fourth most common imported good in Nepal. In 2021, Nepal imported coal into the country worth 21,43,33,58,073.56. Australia, South Africa, and India are a few of the countries that provide coal to Nepal. The HS Code for it is 27011900.

6. Motor Spirit (Petrol)
Because they are used so frequently, cars and generators require a lot of petroleum to operate. In 2021, Nepal imported gasoline worth Rs. 23,26,52,75,870.68. The HS code for products made from motor spirit (petrol) is 27101210. In Nepal, gasoline is imported and distributed by the top government company Nepal Oil Corporation Limited. India is the main source of motor spirit imports to Nepal.
7. Telephone used for cellular or cordless networking
With $271 billion in total trade, cellular or other wireless telephones came in fifth place among the world’s most traded goods in 2020. The following year, in 2021, Nepal imported the same good for Rs. 2,18,60,90,120.72. In Nepal, GSM cellular network providers include Smart Cell, Ncell, and Nepal Telecom. Most of the imports of this commodity come from China, India, and Vietnam. It has the HS Code 85171200.
8. Crude Soyabean Oil
Soybean oil was brought into Nepal in 14 cargoes. 1 million tons of crude soybean were imported during the first six months of the current fiscal year, at a cost of Rs36.54 billion. The country earned Rs3.23 billion in import duties as a result of importing crude soybean oil. The top import destination for soybean oil is Nepal. Nepal is the primary importer of soybean oil, accounting for 14 cargoes and spending Rs 28,00,69,57,198.32.
9. Stainless Steel Billet
193 Buyers have imported 5.8K ms billets into Nepal. The following are the top three product categories of mild steel billet imported into Nepal: HSN Codes 72071920: HS: mild steel billets, 72071110: HS: electrical quality, 7207190000: 7207190000 Ms billet is primarily imported from India. With 7,467 shipments totaling Rs. 48,06,57,78,076.92, ms. billet is the second-highest import in 2021-2022. Following the elimination of customs duties on the import of sponge iron, the majority of Nepali firms that were producing iron rods using iron billets imported from India shifted to producing iron rods using iron billets imported from India.
10. Diesel at High Speed
Nepal is the largest importer of Speed diesel. In 2021, Nepal was the primary source of 7,476 shipments of speed diesel worth Rs. 70,39,67,42,341. 52 buyers imported 7.5K cargoes of speed diesel into Nepal, with India importing the majority of Nepal’s speed diesel. Top 3 Product Categories for Speed Diesel HSN Code 27101944: 27101944, HSN Code 27101930: High Speed Diesel, and HSN Code 84089010: HS: other engines: stationary engines with cylinder capacity greater than 50 cc are used to identify Nepal imports.
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